Why Should You Consider Getting Memorial Jewelry

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cremation service in Royal Oak, MI

If you’re planning a cremation service in Royal Oak, MI, one of the options after the body disposition is to get memorial jewelry made. Many people hold onto the ashes in a cremation urn, others scatter the ashes someplace, and others bury the urn in an urn garden. Those are all great options, but another option to consider is memorial jewelry.

Here’s a look at some of the main benefits of memorial jewelry. It may very well be something that you and your family members consider.

Plenty of Options

You’ll find many options when considering memorial jewelry. For instance, you can find cremation jewelry where the jewelry itself has a small compartment where some of your deceased loved one’s cremated remains can be placed into. What kind of jewelry do you currently enjoy wearing? Chances are that you can find memorial jewelry to fit your tastes. Another type of memorial jewelry involves a process where the ashes are subjected to high heat. At the end of the process, the cremated remains are transformed into a precious stone that can be incorporated into a piece of jewelry that you will cherish. Memorial jewelry is about memorializing the deceased in a special way.

Family Heirloom

Another advantage of cremation jewelry is that it’s the sort of thing that you’ll be able to pass down from generation to generation. In other words, it can become a precious family heirloom that helps to connect future generations to past generations. When you start to explore your options, you will see that there are many directions you can go to create a lasting memorial.


You can also get memorial jewelry that is unique. Your deceased loved one was a unique and memorable individual, so it makes sense to get memorial jewelry that is unique and memorable. You’ll have choices in terms of design, can opt for engravings, can choose a gemstone and a pearl, and more. You’ll find your memorial jewelry to be a great addition to your jewelry collection as well. So the primary purpose will be to memorialize a deceased loved one while it will be a piece of jewelry that will be a great complement to the rest of your jewelry.

cremation service in Royal Oak, MI

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