Benefits of Holding a Memorial Service After Cremation

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Berkley, MI cremation serviceOne of the reasons some people choose to plan a funeral service is that they want a formal church or chapel gathering followed by a graveside service and casket burial. But it would be wrong to suggest that a cremation will deny you an event that brings people together. One way you can bring family and friends together to honor the deceased is through a memorial service. Whether before or after the Berkley, MI cremation service, you can hold a memorial.

What follows is a look at some of the benefits of holding a memorial service whether in a church, a private home, or someplace else.

Honor the Deceased

When you, your family, and others gather for the memorial service, you will all be able to honor the deceased. You can hold a memorial just about any place. Did the deceased have a favorite restaurant? Did they enjoy nothing more than to hang out with family at home? Were they faithful members of a local church congregation? You can get cues about good places to hold a memorial by considering what the deceased might have wanted.

Include Everyone

Another benefit of a memorial is that you will be able to include more people who should be there. Sometimes the timing of a funeral service might not allow for the entire family to assemble. By planning a cremation and then holding a memorial, you will be able to be more flexible as per timing. Memorials tend to be more informal than funerals, so you’ll be able to choose a time and a location that is as convenient as possible for your loved ones.

Support One Another

Berkley, MI cremation servicePeople go to memorials to support one another. Sometimes memorials are held a month or so after the cremation so that emotions are not so raw among family members and friends. If you want to give people enough time to process what has happened before the memorial, then you might want to consider this before deciding on the date of the event. People will still be morning, of course, but perhaps their emotions won’t be as raw. Gathering together for the purpose of remembering the deceased will afford the opportunity for people to support one another and to heal.

As you can see, there are several important benefits that a memorial service can present to you, your family, and well-wishers. Do you need help planning a cremation, funeral, or memorial service? You can count on the professionals at Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors. We’re a reputable funeral services and cremation services provider in Berkley, MI. Our goal is to help our customers with their planning needs as well as to assist them with their preplanning needs. We’ll treat you with the utmost respect and compassion, and we’ll help you make the big and small decisions. For the assistance you require, you can reach us by phone, visit our office, or check us out online at We’re here to help, so contact us to discuss your needs.

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