What Are Your Options for a Cremation Urn After Scattering Ashes? 

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Are you planning cremation services for a deceased loved one? If so, chances are that you’ll buy a cremation urn from a provider of cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI? You could, of course, skip the urn altogether and instead get an alternative container like a cardboard box. But most people choose to get an actual urn. If you do buy an urn and later scatter the ashes, what will you do with the then empty receptacle?

Here is a look at a few ideas concerning what you can do with the urn once you’ve scattered the ashes.

Give it Away

One option is to give the urn to another family that may be planning a cremation service for their loved one. It might be a family that you know personally or a family that you don’t know. If you’re not sure who might want it, you could post an ad online to reach a critical mass of people in the area. You can bet that someone will be grateful to take possession of a free cremation urn. It will mean their needing to spend even less on final services.

Use it as a Flower Vase

You can also transform an urn into a flower vase. Some people place their deceased loved one’s favorite flowers into the urn. The vase and flowers will beautify any space you place them in, and they will also serve as a meaningful reminder of your deceased loved one. If you do decide to repurpose the cremation urn as a flower vase, make sure you choose an urn of an appropriate material. For instance, an urn made of wood won’t make a suitable flower vase. So let the funeral director know your intentions so that they can help you choose the right one.

Use it Again Down the Road

Another option is to keep the urn so that your family can reuse it in the future. So if your spouse, for instance, was recently cremated, you might want to let your loved ones know that you’d like to be cremated and have your ashes placed into the same urn when your time comes. You can also give instructions as to what they’re to do with your ashes after your passing.

cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

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