What Do You Want Your Family to Do with Your Cremation Ashes?

Posted on October 5, 2020 by under Cremation
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cremation services with a Sterling Heights, MI

If you’d like to be cremated after you pass away, one thing you should definitely do is arrange your cremation services with a Sterling Heights, MI funeral home. The funeral director will help you choose the right final services package for you and will allow you to prepay as well.


But one of the things you’ll need to figure out is what you want your loved ones to do with your ashes after the cremation service. There are different options available, and a funeral director can make recommendations should you need some. Here’s a look at some available options.


Scatter the Ashes

One of the more popular options is to scatter the ashes whether on the ground, on the water, or in the air. Scattering can be a powerful way to end a memorial service or a celebration of life service. For instance, your family and friends might hold a memorial in a park or on a private property and then, to conclude the event, scatter your ashes as a final send-off. If this appeals to you, let your family know so that they understand exactly what to do after your cremation.


Keep Ashes in Urn

Another popular option is for family members to take home the ashes of their deceased loved one in an urn. Do you want to symbolically be with your loved ones for all time? You can select the urn you want – perhaps getting a themed urn or personalizing it with your name. Then you can let your family know that you want them to take your cremated remains home with them. You might even let them know exactly where you’d like them to place the urn containing your ashes. Whether in the family room, in the den, or elsewhere, you can choose your resting place.


Turn Ashes into Memorial Jewelry

You might also wish to go the memorial jewelry route. There are different kinds of cremation jewelry. For instance, you can get cremation jewelry that has a compartment where ashes go into. So this can be earrings, necklaces, and other types of jewelry. You can also get memorial jewelry where the jewelry itself is partly made up of the cremation ashes. This occurs after a process where the ashes have been subjected to intensely high heat and transformed into a cremation diamond. If you’re married or have a partner, this might be a great option.

cremation services with a Sterling Heights, MI

If you’d like to further explore what you can do with your ashes, get in touch with a reputable funeral home serving Sterling Heights, MI families. You can also preplan final services, whether a funeral service or a cremation service, so that your loved ones don’t have to do so after you’ve passed away. You won’t want to choose just any funeral home, of course, since one service provider isn’t necessarily as good as another. Do your research by looking online, asking people you know, and phoning different funeral homes to talk to funeral directors. Once you find the right funeral home, you’ll get all the help you need from the staff members there.

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