Urns Have a Rich History, and we Have it Listed Here

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Urns play a pivotal role in our history and have served the honorable purpose of storing individuals cremated remains. They could be utilized in many ways, and it will be dependent upon the loved one’s last wishes and the family’s needs. Working with one of the trusted funeral homes in Sterling Heights, MI, can be an excellent resource to pick one that feels authentic, and if you’re looking for some interesting facts about them, we have them listed here. 

They Can Be Purchased in Advance 

Picking the urn early is highly recommended. This is because it allows the individual to choose the one that feels appropriate, and if there’s any specialized customization that they want to add to it, they can have this added in. It also removes the need for friends or family members to pick one after the services, which can help release some of the stress they may be experiencing about the loss. 

There are Rental Urns Available 

Some companies will rent an urn if one isn’t needed long-term. This could be an excellent option because it could help save money, especially if the individual had asked to have their ashes scattered or buried. Most funeral homes will have a variety of urns that can be rented or know where to access them, so check with the director for options. 

You Need to Know the Right Size of Urn to Choose 

Another important fact is that earns come in different sizes, so you will need to consider this depending on the loved one. A traditional urn holds around 200 cubic inches of cremated remains. Each pound of a standard size person equals one cubic inch of ash, so consider this as you figure out the size you need. 

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You Can Purchase an Urn Independently 

In some cases, while it can be convenient to purchase the urn from the Funeral Home, keep in mind that you can find one that feels appropriate on your own time. There are many options available online and at stores, and there are even individuals who have made one themselves from items at home. 

Urns are Almost any Standard Container 

Another thing to keep in mind is that the urn is just any kind of container with a lid. Some people have utilized items the loved one had, like fishing tackle boxes or cookie jars, and then customized them with a plaque and decoration for an authentic and unique urn. 

When You Need Compassionate Care and Expert Services  

These are just a few considerations about urns that can help you find one that feels appropriate for you are your loved one. Getting the proper support and care when you are planning services is crucial, and if you have been researching funeral homes in Sterling Heights, MI, we are here to help you. Our company has been in business since 1906, focusing on providing exceptional care for our community. Contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.