Tips and Ideas for Creating a Customized Urn

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After suffering a loss, you may need to plan cremation services in Royal Oak, MI. One aspect of this process may include purchasing an urn to hold the loved one’s remains and having a customized vessel can be beneficial. There are multiple ways to make a personalized option, so we have them listed here in this article.

Understanding Your Budget

Urns can range between $25 and go into the thousands depending on the material and the vessel’s elaborateness. This can help you better understand what options will be available to you through the customization process.

Choosing What the Urn will be Used for

The first decision that needs to be made is; how will the urn be used? Some individuals may have requested to be buried or scattered, which will require purchasing an urn made from materials like paper or unfired clay. For others, the family might choose to keep the remains at home, so it is recommended to pick an urn made from options such as copper, brass, or stainless steel to prevent spills and breaks.

Picking Specific Colors

Colors can evoke feelings and foster memories of loved ones after they are gone. Finding a way to integrate these into the urn can help make a truly personalized vessel. Consider the material you are choosing because some may not be compatible with adding color to them, while others may give the opportunity to decorate it in a way that feels appropriate.

Having the Right Designcremation services Royal Oak, MI

Another consideration could be picking a design that feels authentic to the loved one. This could be accomplished by considering who the person was or specific things they enjoyed in life. Choosing items that remind you of them or decorating an object they regularly used, such as a fishing tackle box or garden container, can be great options.

Adding in Images or Words

Several companies now offer ways to inscribe the urns for a more customized choice. Picking a favorite picture of the loved one, or something that represents them could be an excellent choice. Some ideas include:

  • Mountains or forests 
  • Plants or flowers 
  • Animals or pets 
  • Favorite hobbies or interests they had

Another option is to add words about the loved one because this can help bring comfort when you read it. Inscribing Bible quotes, phrases, song lyrics, or other words that feel authentic and meaningful for your experience.

Your Compassionate Source for Exceptional Services

Taking the time to create a customized urn can be a thoughtful and enriching experience because it can help you feel closer to the loved one and remember the care you had in your relationship. Every aspect of laying them to rest is essential, and if you’re looking for exceptional cremation services in Royal Oak, MI, we are here to help you. We have been in business since 1906, focusing on providing outstanding care with services based on integrity and honesty. So, contact us today if you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment.

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