Popular Ideas for Creating a Thoughtful Headstone

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Once an individual has passed away, family and friends will start planning the details with one of the funeral homes in Berkley, MI, to create a truly memorable event. If they are choosing traditional burial, they will not only need to purchase a plot, but they will need a casket, vault liner, and a headstone. The headstone is one of the ways to personalize the location and remember the individual, so choosing an authentic design can be crucial, and here are some ideas.

Nature Aspects

For some people, nature is an essential part of their lives, and this can bring an excellent opportunity to incorporate this into the headstone. If they were someone that spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors, you could add images of landscapes such as mountain ranges, trees, or even plants to create a truly personalized effect.

Religious Beliefs

Religion is a staple for some individuals’ lives, and if they requested to have this incorporated into their headstone, a few of the most popular religious symbols are the Bible, the Star of David, across, or even praying hands.


One part that makes life great for some individuals is activities or hobbies that they enjoy. One way to celebrate them is to add a representation of something they participated in, engraving that into the marker. If someone loved to ride motorcycles, an image or phrase could be added about this, or if they were an avid gardener, flowers could be applied as a special touch.

Couple Ideasfuneral homes Berkley, MI

In most cases, couples may want to be buried together in the same slot, and if you’re looking for a way to represent their relationship, one suggestion is to pick something unique about each person and have it in Grange on each side of the grave of the marker. The other choice is to get an image of their rings and have them entwined along with a description of who is laid to rest at the site.

Using Images

Technology is advancing to the point where almost any image can be applied to a gravestone. Another great option is to incorporate a favorite photo of the loved one into the material to help create a memorable marker and one that’s easier to find for visitors.

Incorporate a Vase

The last recommendation in this list would be helpful, especially if you or someone you know is planning on bringing flowers to the gravesite regularly. Having the vase incorporated into the headstone can be an excellent choice, but it is recommended to check with the property before scheduling this because there may be restrictions on this kind of marker.

Compassion Minded and Community Focused

Choosing the headstone is just one part of creating truly unique services for your loved one, and if you require assistance, we are here to help. We are one of the local funeral homes in Berkley, MI, that offer exceptional care, and we have been in the business of providing our community with the highest standards since 1906, so contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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