5 Unique Things to Do with Cremation Ashes

Posted on February 22, 2021 by under Cremation
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If you’re planning a cremation for a loved one, you will want to spend some time considering what to do with their ashes. You won’t have much to consider on this front if you’re arranging a funeral service and a casket burial. But there is a world of options after the cremation service in Sterling Heights, MI. Here are 5 unique things you can do with the ashes.

1. Cremation Jewelry

One thing you can do is create cremation jewelry. For instance, you can get a piece of jewelry, like a necklace with a pendant, and then have some of the ashes placed in an internal compartment. This can be a great way to memorialize a deceased loved one. You can also see how such a piece of jewelry can become a cherished family heirloom. Ask the funeral director you work with to see what type of memorial jewelry options they have available to you.

2. Globetrotting

You can also scatter some of the ashes in different parts of the world. This can be especially meaningful if the deceased was the sort of person who had a bucket list of places in the world that they had wanted to visit. If you, too, love to travel, you might want to scatter some of your deceased loved one’s ashes in some of the countries you visit.

3. Personalized Portrait

Some people like to mix some of the ashes into paint before painting a picture of the deceased. This can be a great project if someone in your family is artistically gifted. Otherwise, you can commission someone else to create the portrait for you.

4. Reefs

If you look, you can find companies that will combine the ashes with artificial reefs that will then be placed on the water. The reefs will descend onto the seabed. So if your loved one had enjoyed spending time on the water, this sort of option might be most appropriate.

5. Tattoo

You can also get a special tattoo after the ink has been combined with some of the cremation ashes. This can be a great way to memorialize the deceased – that is, if you want to get inked. You can get a picture of them, their name, or maybe a short quote or scripture.

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