Open or Closed Casket?

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When you lose a loved one, and you need to plan the cremation Services in Royal Oak, MI, orburial, you might be looking at all the details that will need to go into the event to honor your loved one. If you’re going to be having a viewing before the services, you will need to decide if you want an open or closed casket event. They both serve different purposes, so understanding the difference can help you schedule the appropriate option.

Open Casket

Traditionally when the deceased arrives at the funeral home, the remains will be placed in a refrigerated unit and then embalmed. The cosmetologist then works with the individual to help dress the body in any chosen garments that the family has supplied. The individual will then have makeup applied and their hair done to help foster a resemblance to when they were alive during the viewing process.

Once this is completed and the viewing has been arranged, the loved one will be presented during the engagement. this serves multiple purposes for the attendees, and some of the reasons are:

  • Physically seeing the deceased can help people accept what has happened 
  • Being able to touch the individual or speak to the loved one can be beneficial for healing 
  • Seeing the loved one can also offer comfort as individuals say their goodbyes

It can be highly beneficial to schedule a viewing because it can allow for connection with the attendees as people give condolences and talk about memories they have with the individual. It is also a way for the family to know that they have support as they go through the grief process.

Closed Casket 

When it comes to a closed casket, there can be a few different reasons that this might be the best option for the situation, and the reasons are:

  • The body was already placed on display at an earlier event 
  • The loved one or the family doesn’t want to have an open casket 
  • If the individual suffered from an illness or their physical appearance was altered, it may be better to have a closed casket

Generally, when the family has chosen to have a closed casket, embalming will not be required unless the remains need to be kept in a state where they do not decompose as quickly.

cremation Services Royal Oak, MI

Services you Can Depend On

One of the most significant considerations that will need to be made as the processes are being planned is the wishes of the loved ones. Part of planning a funeral will consist of working to make sure that the loved one is honored in the most authentic way possible. Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors was founded in 1906 and has carried on a tradition of compassionate care for our community.

We are a family-owned and operated business and take great pride in offering the highest quality customer service on the market for all our clients. We provide multiple services and if you need cremation Services in Royal Oak, MI, give us a call today, and we will help you get started. 

Michael Lope

Co-Owner, Funeral Director Michael J. Lope is a licensed funeral director and co-owner of the Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Home. Mike attended American Academy McAllister Institute for mortuary school in New York City. Mike was licensed in 2006 and began working with his family at Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Home. He currently works at both family funeral homes in Utica and Royal Oak. In his time off Michael enjoys golfing, skiing, hiking and camping. He is a parishioner at Holy Name Catholic Church with his wife Christine and his two children Andrew and Ashlyn. He and his family are committed to maintaining a family owned and operated funeral home that is a progressive and innovative leader in burial and cremation services.

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