How to Know When Only a Cremation Service Will Do

Posted on May 10, 2021 by under Cremation
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cremation service in Berkley, MI

While you can honor a loved one by planning either a funeral service or a cremation service in Berkley, MI, that doesn’t mean that you can’t personally prefer one over the other. When the time comes to sit down with a funeral director to arrange a body disposition, you’ll want to carefully weigh all your options before choosing a final service package. But there are times when you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you want to arrange a cremation service.


Here’s a look at instances when only a cremation service will do for a deceased loved one.


The Deceased Had Previously Said They Wanted to be Cremated

If the deceased had previously let it be known that they wanted to be cremated rather than buried, then the only thing to do is to honor their request. One of the reasons it makes sense to preplan is that doing so allows the one who preplanned to call all the shots. So nothing will be left to chance. If your deceased loved one didn’t preplan but did communicate a preference for a cremation, then you’ll want to consider what cremation service package makes the most sense for your family.


You View Cremation as a Family Tradition

In some families, cremation is a tradition after a loved one dies. If family members have been cremated from as far back as you can remember, then you may want to continue this tradition by arranging a cremation. There are many good reasons to plan cremations. They’re cost-effective and are easy to plan, for example. You can also go simple with a direct cremation that includes no service or have a cremation with a service such as a memorial. So you will have options if you go with a cremation.


You Want to Keep Costs as Low as Possible

You’ll also want to plan a cremation, particularly a direct cremation, if you want to contain costs. The truth is that cremations are a lot less costly than funerals. This is arguably the primary reason why many people choose cremations over funerals. If you and your family don’t have a lot to spend on a final service, then a simple cremation will be budget-friendly. Cremation is also a good choice cost-wise if you’re the sort of consumer who doesn’t wish to pay any more than absolutely required. You’ll be able to arrange a cost-effective direct cremation to honor a loved one.

cremation service in Berkley, MI

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