If You Need to Attend a Visitation, here are Five Tips to Make the Process Easier

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A visitation is a typical part of memorials and funerals, even if cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI were requested. The visitation will allow friends and family to honor the loved one’s legacy, and there are specific etiquette tips to follow if you are planning on attending this event. Here’s more information and some helpful considerations on what you need to know if you are attending your first visitation.

What is a Visitation?

A visitation is a special event intended to celebrate more with the ceased life. These are usually private events for family and friends and are typically held at the funeral home or someone’s residence.

What Takes Place?

Each event can vary depending on the requests of the deceased and the family’s wishes, and some of the most typical things that take place include:

  • Pictures may be displayed.
  • Favorite songs and music are played.
  • There may be an efficient funeral director speaking about the deceased.
  • Individuals will come and offer condolences and pay their respects.

The event is typically a few hours, but depending on the individual, it can take a full day to finish. Most visitations are shorter than a traditional funeral, and often guests will come and go in the time frame for the services; however, no one is expected to stay for the entire event.

Etiquette Tips

Like all events, there are specific rules of etiquette to follow, and a few essential tips include:

  • Knowing if there are any religious or cultural traditions to consider.
  • Choose appropriate attire.
  • Keep your conversations around the deceased.
  • It’s encouraged to offer the bereaved sympathy, support, or comforting words.
  • Offer a hug to individuals you know personally or shake hands with those you don’t.

Should You Go to the Visitation?

Going to a visitation is a personal choice, and the entire premise is to honor the deceased. If you did not know the individual, you might not need to attend; however, if you know someone who is suffering the loss and is grieving, it can be a thoughtful gesture to go there in support of them.

What Should You Bring?

In most cases, you do not need to bring anything, but providing a small gesture or gift for the family is considered polite. A few ideas include:

  • A sympathy card
  • Flowers
  • A cash donation

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You can also offer to support the family, whether caring for kids, picking up groceries, or creating a meal train as they go through the grief process, so check with the family to see if anything is needed.

Exceptional and Trusted Services

Funeral visitations can be an essential resource to utilize after loss, and if you need to plan cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI, let our team help you through the process. We are a locally owned and trusted company and take great pride in serving our community with services ranging from funerals to pre-planning, so contact us today if you have any questions.

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