Here’s What to Tell Your Family After You Preplan a Cremation

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Are you thinking about preplanning a cremation service with a Royal Oak, MI funeral home? It’s a good idea to make arrangements for your own final service. But when you do call a funeral home, make an appointment, and preplan your cremation service, don’t forget to tell your family. What follows is a look at what to tell your family after you preplan your cremation service.

Peace of Mind

After your passing, your family will be in shock. It will be difficult to have to contact a funeral home to make body disposition plans when in the early stages of grief. But that’s exactly what your family will have to do if you pass away without having preplanning your cremation. When you preplan and inform your family about what you’ve done, you will ensure those you loved most won’t have to plan your body disposition. All the arrangements will already have been made. This will give your family peace of mind as far as having to plan goes.

Cost Savings

You can also let your family know that they won’t have to pay for your final service. When you preplan, you can also prepay. This will obviously benefit your family. Another thing to consider is that prepaying means that you’ll likely get a discount on your final service. The reason for this is that the price get when you prepay will be honored. So you won’t have to account for any price increases that occur between the time you preplan and the time of your passing.

Different Options for Ashes

You can also let your family know that there are various options as to what to do with your ashes. In fact, you can let them know what you want them to do rather than leave it up to them to decide. Perhaps you’ll want them to have a memorial service or a celebration of life service before scattering your cremated remains in a specific location. You might also want them to simply take the urn containing your ashes to the family residence. It can be placed wherever you want it to be placed. You might also wish to have them bury your urn. Whatever you decide, just let your family know so that they can respect your wishes.


Another thing you’ll what to tell your family is that they’ll have a great deal of flexibility. For instance, they can hold a memorial service before the cremation or after the cremation. And it doesn’t have to be held right away either. If it’s more convenient for your family to hold a memorial weeks or months after the creation, then they can do so. There’s also flexibility in terms of what to do with your ashes after the cremation. They can get cremation jewelry, place your urn in a columbarium, or do any of a number of other things.

Royal Oak, MI funeral home

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