Different Ways You Can Scatter Cremation Ashes

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Many families choose to scatter the ashes of their loved ones after the cremation service in Berkley, MI. Following the cremation service, they might hold a small memorial event and then conclude this event by scattering the ashes in a place with sentimental value to the deceased.

If you’d like to scatter the ashes, there are various ways you can go about it. Read on to learn more about scattering ashes in the air, scattering ashes on the ground, and scattering ashes in the water. Any of these methods is a great choice – and you don’t have to limit yourself to one.

Scattering Ashes in the Air

You can scatter ashes in the air. The best way to do it is to cast the ashes at about knee-level. This will help to prevent the ashes from blowing onto you or your family – something you don’t want to see occur. You can make scattering much by purchasing a scattering urn. The funeral director who helps you arrange the cremation will be able to offer you options. As per where you can do the actual scattering, try to envision where the deceased would have wanted it to occur. If they had loved to spend time at home, then scattering the ashes on family property would work.

Scattering Ashes on the Earth

You can also scatter the ashes on the earth. Would it be a good idea to do it in the garden the deceased had loved to work in? Does the family have a cottage in the country where the deceased had often gone to unwind and recharge? Was the deceased a traveler who had enjoyed experiencing other cultures? You can scatter the ashes at home and abroad. If the goal is to travel someplace to scatter some of the ashes, find out what you need to do to travel with the ashes hassle-free. A funeral director will be able to provide guidance.

Scatter Ashes on the Water

Another way to scatter ashes is on water. Did the deceased enjoy going to the beach or boating? You and your family might find it most appropriate to scatter the ashes on the water. Unless someone you know owns a boat, you may have to hire someone who does. Some people place the cremated remains in a water-soluble urn and then cast the urn into the water.

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