Columbariums are an Alternative Option for Storing Remains and Here’s More on Them

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Cremation services in Royal Oak, MI

Cremation services in Royal Oak, MI is a common process that people choose for their loved ones after they have passed away. In some cases, they may decide to store the remains in an urn at home, scatter them in a specific location, or even bury them. Others may opt to choose a columbarium, so this article will discuss these structures more in-depth to help give you a better understanding of what they offer and help you make a decision that feels appropriate.

History and Facts about Columbariums

These structures were first noted in the Roman era, and the design was originally based on the housing used for birds on the rooftops of buildings. They were also popular in Asia, especially within the Buddhist faith, and the structures were made to look more like temples or elaborate places of rest.

Columbariums are traditionally made from marble, granite, or even concrete and can be a freestanding structure inside of a graveyard or a wall or room inside of a religious or spiritual center. The designs are built with individual spaces called niches, and each one is traditionally sized to house one single urn. However, there are alternatives fit for two individuals or multiple areas for family members.

The front of the niche can be adored with bronze, granite, and glass. They can all be inscribed, and glass is one of the most popular options because you can leave mementos behind, such as notes or flowers, for onlookers to observe.

Benefits of a ColumbariumCremation services Royal Oak, MI

There are many reasons that these structures are used, and a few examples are:

  • It may be too painful for the individual to have the loved one’s remains at their home, giving them a safe place to store them.
  • They can offer a quicker process of laying an individual to rest than burial.
  • They may be cheaper than the burial process if you need to purchase a plot, casket, and headstone.
  • They have little to no maintenance.
  • They are an eco-friendly choice compared with traditional burial.
  • If you live in a busy household, you don’t have to worry about the remains getting spilled.

Drawbacks of the Columbarium

  • Some religions do not allow cremation
  • It can be more expensive than keeping the remains at home or scattering them
  • Some may view storing the remains more negatively than burying them

What Does it Cost to Use One?

The cost will start at around $700 and can go up to $2200 depending on a few factors, including:

  • The size of the niche
  • If it was purchased in advance
  • The day that the remains will be placed inside of it
  • The area the columbarium is located (a higher population area may raise the price)

Professional and Compassionate Care for Our Community

Choosing to utilize a columbarium after the cremation services in Royal Oak, MI, is just one way to honor your loved one, and if you’re looking for a professional company to work with, we are here to help. We are locally owned and emphasize providing exceptional care for our community so contact us today for an appointment.

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