Why Hold a Funeral Service Anyway?

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Many people hold funeral services to commemorate family members who have passed away. Yes, cremations have become increasingly common over the years. But this doesn’t mean that funeral homes don’t serve a useful purpose. So when you head to the funeral home in Sterling Heights, MI to arrange a final service, don’t forget to carefully consider holding a funeral service. Read on to find out some of the benefits of holding a funeral service.


Pay Last Respects

A funeral service is all about giving the deceased a good final send-off. People take the time to go to the venue where the funeral service is being held. This might mean taking time off work, traveling from out of town, and more. It’s a way to show due respect and to commemorate the memory of someone special. People want to show their last respects to family members and friends, so holding a funeral service is one way to give them this opportunity.



A funeral service is about getting closure. It is not easy to cope with the loss of a person who had been close to you. But by having a funeral program, you can help everyone to see that their family member or friend has died. If these people had felt as though they were in the midst of a bad dream, the funeral service will bring clarity. The grieving process is not the same for everyone. Some people will need to see an open casket at the front of the church or chapel. They will also need to be part of the funeral ceremony to really accept what has happened.


It’s What the Deceased Wanted

Another reason to hold a funeral service in honor of the deceased is that it’s what they would have wanted. If they had asked for a funeral service to be held after their passing, then holding one is a good way to show them the honor they are due. A funeral service has a way of uniting people – even people who might have previously been at odds over one thing or another. So a funeral service, rather than just being about remembering the deceased, is also for the living.



Grieving the loss of a loved one is important. And while you don’t need a funeral service to grieve, there is something to be said for grieving in a place where the attendees are on one accord. People will be able to grieve openly, to receive comfort from others, and to give encouragement to others.

funeral home in Sterling Heights, MI

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