Why Cremation Services in Royal Oak, MI Are The Greener Option

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cremation services in Royal Oak, MI

These days, more families seeking cremation services in Royal Oak, MI want green burial options. Every day of our lives, we see constant reminders that both our government and us as individuals want to take the necessary steps to get rid of waste and help out the environment. With vehicles becoming a lot more fuel efficient and appliances using less power than they have in the past, our national government has examined alternative energy sources as well as looking at carbon emissions so that one day, both can become affordable to the average consumer.

Funeral homes are no different than other industries in getting in on the green trend. Green burial options have even gotten more popular in Michigan and other parts of the Midwest. As more people figure out the importance of preserving our natural resources in life as well as in death, it will only get even more popular.

Options for Green Burials

What exactly is a green burial? There is technically no one answer to that question. But certain types of burial are typically viewed as environmentally friendly. Therefore, they are called “green” burial methods. Burials are considered “green” or eco-friendly if the burial method conserves more resources than it uses, preserves the local environment, and is safe for the public.

In a common type of green burial, the remains are placed in a biodegradable shroud. Instead of embalming, refrigeration is used for preservation purposes. Some cemeteries may not even require that the body be placed in a green container or casket before it is buried.

For those families that opt for cremation, you can select from one of a few container or urn options. However, many families still prefer to put the body in some kind of casket or container after the cremation services in Royal Oak, MI. If you and your family opt for a green burial, you can select a green container made up of biodegradable materials.

With a green burial, there is usually a different way of marking the plot of the deceased. Instead of a tombstone, a flat stone plaque with an inscription could mark the plot should you choose to bury the cremated remains.

Why You Should Choose A Green Burial

This is an obvious choice for those who are environmentally conscious in life and want to be in death. Cremations are also a greener option than traditional burials. With less resources going towards embalming, caskets, and steel that will all ultimately end up within the earth, choosing a cremation for your deceased loved one can act as their last loving gift to planet Earth.

cremation services in Royal Oak, MI

To learn more about green burials, cremation services in Royal Oak, MI, and all of your burial options available to you and your family, call or visit our knowledgeable staff at Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors. We can talk you through every aspect of the burial process, from beginning to end. We would be happy to help and guide you and your family during this especially difficult time, either at our Royal Oak, MI facility or over the phone.