Why Are Obituaries Important Anyway?

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Do you find yourself having to write an obituary after a death in the family? It’s a custom to write an obituary in such circumstances, and the funeral director at whatever funeral home in Royal Oak, MI that you hire will be able to explain how to prepare one. They’ll also get it placed in a newspaper. But have you ever considered why obituaries are important in the first place?


What follows is a look at some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to write an obituary after a loved one has died. It might change the way you view obituaries that you see in the newspaper.


Pen a Final Goodbye

One of the reasons an obituary is important is that it provides a way to pen a final goodbye to a loved one who has passed away. When you attend the funeral or cremation, you will be paying your last respects in person. When you write an obituary that is placed in a newspaper or on a funeral home’s website, you will be able to pay your last respects in written form. It will be a written tribute that will show that their life mattered and that they will be remembered.


Let People Know About Services

Another important reason to write and post an obituary is that it’s a good way to communicate information surrounding any services that will take place. Will there be a funeral, a cremation, a memorial, or a celebration of life? You can communicate this to the community so that they know what type of event will be held, when it will be held, and where it will be held.


Notify the Community

You can also use the obituary to let the community know what the person was like, how they contributed to the community, and other important details that demonstrate the essence of who they were. Everyone deserves to be remembered after they’ve passed, and an obituary is a good way to ensure that their passing doesn’t go by unnoticed by people in the community they lived in.


When you do sit down to write the obituary, make sure you include the name of the deceased, information about when they were born and when they died, details about where they passed away, a list of close families members both alive and deceased, details about the body disposition, and a picture of the deceased. Of course, the funeral director who helps you with planning will be able to provide more information and to give suggestions.

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