What You Shouldn’t Say To a Grieving Person After Cremation Services in Sterling Heights, MI

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cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

Our words have always had the ability to both heal and hurt us for all of eternity. As a tool, they are indeed powerful. Our words can build up or tear down people after cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI. For this reason, we should always take the opportunity to use our words in a wise and kind way.

Listed below are some phrases that you should not say to grieving family members after cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI.

“The deceased wouldn’t want you to cry”

By saying this, you might be trying to lighten the mood of the bereaved. Instead, it serves to trivialize their grief. Not only are you telling the bereaved that their grief is “silly”, but that the deceased would also hold this opinion. Allow the next of kin to grieve in their own way. Let them express whatever emotions come up for them at the time.

“How is your family doing?”

This is not the worst phrase on this list. But instead of asking about family members, ask about the bereaved themselves. When you first ask about other family members, you’re telling the bereaved that other people are more important than them and their feelings.

“How did the deceased pass?”

The only reason anyone would ask this question right after a loved one passes is to satisfy their curiosity. At the end of the day, asking this question makes you appear excessively nosy. At this time, focus on the feelings of the surviving friends and family members. Say “I’m so sorry for your loss” or “I really feel for you and your family at this time” instead of asking about the deceased’s manner of death. After a bit of time, some family members may decide to share some details about the death. But that is not information to which you are entitled.

“It was their time”

When a loved one dies, it definitely doesn’t matter whether or not it was their “time”. This is the case even if the death was entirely expected. The death of a parent or grandparent can often come with a sense of relief, especially after a long illness. But others could be dealing with a more sudden and abrupt death, like that of a sibling, a friend, or even a child.

“You have to be strong for them”

Some people mistakenly feel that you have to move away from grief instead of towards it. But you can’t muscle your way towards grief. It’s not healthy to suppress your emotions after cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI. Don’t ignore your feelings at this time. Seek out help and support as you get through this trying time.

cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

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