What Tasks Can You Delegate While Planning Funeral Service?

Posted on February 21, 2021 by under Funeral Home
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It’s never easy planning a funeral or a cremation after a loved one has died. In the early stages of the grieving process, you will have so many emotions flowing through your head. The good news is that the funeral director at a funeral home in Berkley, MI will be there each step of the way to help you plan a final send-off that fittingly honors your deceased loved one.

But during the planning process, it’s also a good idea to delegate some tasks to people you know. Here are some examples of how you can let other people lend a helping hand.


You will have lots on your plate while planning the body disposition. See if close friends would be willing to do some errands to free up some of your time. You might want to get someone to pick up some groceries, clean your driveway after a snowstorm, or walk your dog. You might be surprised at how much lighter your load will become if you simply ask for some help.


Will there be a small reception after the funeral service? You might want to ask someone to cater the event. That way, you won’t have to figure out what to serve and to prepare the food. Another option is to have a potluck where everyone brings something to contribute to the meal. Of course, you’ll want to be mindful of social distancing rules that are in place due to COVID-19. So the reception will likely be a smaller event than might be the case without the coronavirus.

Airport Pickup

If some of your family members will be flying in to attend the funeral service, you may want help picking them up from the airport or from the bus terminal. Your volunteers can also transport your family to and from the place where the funeral service is scheduled to take place. If you can get people to help by providing rides, you will free up a great deal of your time.


You might want to bring a close friend with you to the planning consultation so that you have some moral support. That person can also be a second set of ears just in case you miss something. They can also give you feedback should you want to get their opinion.

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