What is an Open Casket Service, and When do you Hold a Closed Casket?

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If you have never been to a funeral service, you may not realize there are appropriate times for open and closed casket services. This is particularly true if you attended cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI, so a viewing may have never been part of the process. There are definitive times for one or the other, and this article will detail when they are appropriate.

Open Casket

Open caskets are an excellent way to offer an opportunity for those attending to physically see the departed at rest. Part of the process involves the body embalmed with a solution that will maintain its current state and slow down decomposition to have the event. Once completed, the funeral home will use their cosmetologist to the hair, dress the deceased, and apply any makeup to make them more aesthetically pleasing for viewers.

There are a few things that an open casket service can offer to individuals attending.

  • Promotion of healing through attendees being able to make physical contact with the deceased.
  • Being able to say their goodbyes to the loved one.
  • It also contributes to the loved one being remembered in a peaceful state.

Part of the process is planning the event, so here are some things to consider.

  • What is your budget going to be, and what methods of financial support do you have for the event?
  • Do you want clergy members to be there?
  • Is this going to be a private event, or will there be a public invitation?
  • What location do you want to have the event?
  • Do they have a cemetery for the burial?
  • Will you be holding a reception or offering beverages to attendees?
  • Is there a place to make donations for others who want to offer support?
  • How quickly is the facility available to hold the event?

Closed Casket 

Traditionally a closed casket is held when the individual has had some form of illness or deformity to their body. Keeping the casket closed will prevent shock for younger attendees or individuals who were not prepared for the way the loved one looked when they passed away.

It is always good to keep in mind the people attending and what their sensitivity levels are to the environment. A closed casket can offer a way to still connect with a loved one, and it is recommended to add photos or media displayed around the vessel.

cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

A Local and Trusted Company

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