Ways to Cover Funeral Costs

Posted on January 3, 2022 by under Funeral Home
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When it comes to finding funeral homes in Berkley, MI, this may seem like the easy part of the process of planning services. Unless you’ve been investing in preplanning, the cost can add up quickly, and you may be wondering how you can pay for the event. When you combine this with trying to navigate grief simultaneously, it can feel confusing and frustrating, so here are some suggestions of ways to help fund a funeral service.


In an ideal situation, the individual may have had an insurance plan in place, which can cover part of the expenses. In addition, there are some situations where some preplanning may have been in place, and funds might be available to help cover some of the costs. 

Direct Services

One part of the cost that can add up is all the details that can go into service. Adding in things such as a hearse rental or paying for a reception will accumulate the overall expenses quickly, so scheduling a direct cremation or funeral is a way to negate some of the extras. Even with bypassing some of the more extravagant details, you can still accomplish laying your loved one to rest and plan an event such as a memorial service or celebration of life later.

Get a Loan or Use Credit

Another option is to utilize credit cards, and you may even consider getting a personal loan which can be a better choice of the two due to interest rates that can add up over time.

Ask for Help

In the case where you’re unable to cover the costs on your own, you may want to reach out to family members to see if they can help contribute to the charges. Having others to help share the bill can also foster a sense of connection and lower stress levels for the family.


There are sites available online now that will allow others to help contribute to different causes. GoFundMe is a great option because it will enable outside individuals to make donations which can help them feel a sense of support for the family affected by the loss.

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Check with Agencies

In the case where you have no funding available, you may want to check with local or government agencies to see if they have any options in place. The Veterans Association and Medicaid both have their own set of requirements to qualify. Still, it can be highly beneficial and may have an option of extra support to help pay for the expenses.

A Commitment to Compassionate Care

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