Transporting the Ashes is Easier With This Helpful Guide

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cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

If you have been planning cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI, you may also need to transport the loved one’s remains to another location. Depending on how far away the ashes need to be shipped will affect the type of transportation to be used. There are three main kinds, so let’s consider the options.

By Vehicle

If the individual requested to have their remains sent somewhere local, this could be the easiest method to drive them to the destination. There are no regulations or rules about transporting the ashes in this manner, and the main concern is ensuring the remains are secured to prevent spelling or breaks. If the urn is made from a fragile material such as ceramic or glass, it is recommended to wrap this separately to ensure it stays in good condition on the trip.

Utilizing the Mail

Mailing the remains is another common practice; currently, USPS is the only company that offers to ship cremated remains. However, they provide a free kit for shipping the remains, which can be ordered online. The kit includes the box, packing material, packaging tape, and the appropriate labeling stating there are cremated remains inside.

The label needs to go on all exterior surfaces of the box, so the delivery driver knows what’s inside. It’s also recommended to put the destination information and your information in with the urn to ensure it gets delivered to help reduce the risk of loss in transport.

Flying Domestic

Choosing to fly the remains to another location is also an option, but you want to start this process at least a week in advance. Each airline permit cremated remains to be taken on the flight. They all have different policies to follow, so it is recommended to check their website to see if there’s anything specific they require for this process.

You will need to take the remains through TSA when you arrive at the airport. It is advised to place the ashes inside an easily scanned container and some of the best options, glass or plastic. You need the individual scanning the remains to be able to see inside the container, so be sure to pick an appropriate material. In addition, including a note inside the urn that lists the destination and any contact information is recommended.

cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

International Considerations

If you need to ship internationally, start this process two weeks in advance, and because each country has its own set of rules and regulations, be sure to contact the embassy. This can help ensure you follow all rules and have the appropriate documentation for customs.

Your Experts for Compassionate Support and Professional Services

Transporting the remains is an easier process when you understand what your options are. Fulfilling the last wishes of your loved one is crucial, and if you require professional cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI, we are here to support you. Our team of experts has been providing exceptional care for our community since 1906, and we are here to answer all your questions, so call us today.

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