Top Benefits of Holding Service at Funeral Home in Royal Oak, MI

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Have you ever thought about why funeral services are important? Many families hold them at Royal Oak, MI funeral homes following a death in the family. Funeral services, in fact, have become a rite of passage where loved ones and friends of the deceased gather. But why, exactly, should you even consider planning one for a deceased relative? Read on for a look at some of the top reasons why it’s a good idea to hold a funeral service.

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Honor the Deceased

Holding a funeral service in a church, chapel, or someplace else is about honoring the life of someone you love. Everyone is unique, and you can bet that your deceased loved one had a profound impact upon you, other family members, neighbors, co-workers, and friends. So the funeral service is just the sort of event that can be used to honor a life well-lived. This is especially the case if the deceased had said they want a funeral service after they pass away.

Encourage the Living

Funeral services are also about encouraging the living. You and your loved ones, not to mention other well-wishers who knew the deceased, will come together for a common purpose. Congregating with like-minded people will encourage all of you as you stand together for the purpose of honoring the deceased. You can bet that a service will be therapeutic.

Gain Closure

Sometimes a funeral service is about gaining closure. Everyone deals with grief in different ways. And it’s important to understand that a funeral service will provide closure for some people who otherwise would continue to struggle with reality indefinitely. Seeing a deceased loved one in an open casket at the front of a church or chapel will facilitate the grieving process and encourage acceptance. This is one reason it’s best not to skip such a service.

It’s What the Deceased Would Have Wanted

Some people let their loved ones know that they want a funeral service. In such cases, it’s always best to honor the request of the deceased if at all possible. You can incorporate readings, poetry, music, and more to personalize the service.

funeral home flowersHonor Tradition

If your family has always planned funerals as a body disposition, then it makes sense to stick with tradition rather than to switch things up by planning a cremation instead. A funeral is a time for family to come together for the purpose of honoring their deceased relatives.

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