Tips and Ideas for Providing Helpful Grief Support

Posted on November 14, 2022 by under Cremation
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There’s no easy way to get through grief, and for some people, it can be a challenging experience to try to navigate. The truth is after the funeral or cremation services in Berkley, MI, it can get harder because people who may have been there to offer support may not be there as much. This means the individual will need some extra care and if you are close to them, here are just a few ways to help them with the experience. 

Ask Them First and Let them Decide 

While it may seem tempting to encourage the individual to go out and do things and be part of activities, this may not be what they need. If you want to spend time with them to support them, one of the best things is you can ask them what they need at this time. Or creating a short list of options to choose from and see if any of them sound like something they would be interested in. Always ask first, and never assume your offer will appeal to them because grief is a complex process. 

Don’t Judge Them 

Often when individuals are helping someone with grief and have never been through the process, it can be easy to expect the individual to react the same way you would. But this is further from the truth because each person’s grief experience differs. Refrain from judging how you think they should feel or behave and allow them to have their experience. 

Just Listen and Don’t Advise 

It can also be tempting to give advice right away to the person as they’re talking about their experience, but this is also something you should avoid unless they ask you for it. In most cases, the individual wants to tell their story and express their feelings, and the more you can sit and listen to what they’re saying, the easier it may be on them and yourself. 

Offer Help 

If the individual lives in a busy household, you might consider offering help with daily tasks. Whether it’s picking up the kids from school, grocery shopping, or throwing in a load of laundry, these can all be ways to alleviate some of their stress and show support. 

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Connect with Them 

The last recommendation is to make sure that you connect with the person. This could be via phone or coming to see them in person, and in either case, it can remind them that they are cared for and supported and create a sense of comfort as they go through the feelings. 

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Support comes in many different forms and, in most cases. Asking the individual what they need is the best course of action to start with; this list can give you a better understanding of how to approach them. 

Having a source of compassion and care after loss is crucial, and if you need professional cremation services in Berkley, MI, our team is here to help you. We are here to answer any questions you might have, so contact us today.