The Reception Can Be a Meaningful Experience with the Right Details, so Here’s More

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A funeral reception is a traditional event held after the services for your loved one. Creating a truly unique event may require utilizing one of the funeral homes in Berkley, MI, and incorporating details that feel authentic. Understanding your options is a great starting place, and we have gathered some popular options you can utilize.

Serve their Favorite Items

The kind of food an individual enjoys can help shine a light on their personality, so why not consider adding favorite dishes or desserts of the individuals to the event? Whether their preference was a BBQ dinner or a favorite dessert like homemade carrot cake, finding a way to include their favorite foods and snacks helps keep the focus on the loved one.

Have a Happy Hour

Happy hours can be another great option to include. This can be incorporated into the space where you are holding the event, or you could schedule a separate time to add a favorite bar they enjoyed. You might even consider making a drink and naming it after them to honor them.

Give it an International Theme

If the deceased enjoyed traveling extensively or had a favorite food from another part of the world, this could also be included at the event for a unique approach.

Include a Take Home Gift

Having people come to the event can help the individual suffering the loss feel supported, and one way to thank them is by offering a small gift when they leave. Choosing a food item that the loved one enjoyed like a favorite candy, coffee, or baked goods can all be a nice pick-me-up and a sweet reminder of the individual’s memory.

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Make it a Buffet

Buffets can be an excellent way to make the process easier because they offer a large variety of food options. It can be a more affordable option as well because you’re buying in bulk, and it can help accommodate anyone who may have any special dietary restrictions or food intolerances.

Hire a Restaurant

The last recommendation is to hire a local restaurant to cater or a food trailer to attend the event. This has become a popular option recently and is seen as a unique and convenient addition to almost any gathering. There are so many food choices available now; it’s easy to find something that’s going to be the right fit and also be able to feed the number of individuals there.

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Planning this type of gathering could be complicated, so it is recommended to reach out to loved ones for extra support and ideas. And if you need exceptional services, let us guide you through the process from start to finish. We are one of the top-rated funeral homes in Berkley, MI, because we base our services on integrity and compassion. We work hard to provide our clients with meaningful and memorable services, so contact us today.