Should You Have a Viewing?

Posted on January 4, 2021 by under Funeral Home
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When you plan a funeral service with a funeral home in Sterling Heights, MI, you’ll have the option of choosing a viewing. Whether you’ve previously planned one or participated in one, you no doubt know that it’s an event where families and friends of the deceased get to see them in an open casket ahead of the actual funeral service. You don’t have to arrange one if you don’t want to, but there are some real benefits of holding a viewing. Here are several of them.

Provides Space for People to Communicate How They Feel

One reason you should consider holding a viewing is that it will provide the opportunity for people – family and friends of the deceased – to express their feelings amongst like-minded people. It will afford the chance for people to comfort each other and to be cheered by the comfort of others – so it will be a healing experience. Holding a viewing ahead of the funeral service can also mentally prepare people for the actual funeral service.

Allows People to Gain Closure

Another reason a viewing is important is that it will offer the opportunity for people to gain closure. As you might imagine, some people will have a more difficult time accepting that a loved one has died than will others. No two people are, after all, the same. Some people will benefit from being able to see their deceased loved one resting peaceably in an open casket. It will allow them to accept their new normal since they will have proof that the deceased really is dead.

Facilitates Grieving Process

Grieving is normal, and everyone grieves when they lose someone they love. While the funeral service or the memorial service will offer opportunities for people to grieve, so too will the viewing event. Skipping a viewing will be like losing out on an opportunity for family and friends of the deceased to grieve openly. And without grieving in a healthy way, there can be no true healing. So view the viewing as a chance for people to come together to facilitate their and others’ grieving process.

funeral home in Sterling Heights, MI

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