Preplanning Lets You Do Things Your Way

Posted on October 19, 2020 by under Funeral Home
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Are you the sort of individual who prefers to do things on your own terms? If you’re particular about how things are done and like to do as much as you can on your own, then preplanning your own final services makes sense. You can count on the funeral director at a funeral home in Royal Oak, MI to assist with the preplanning process.

After you take the time to make such arrangements, you will ensure that your loved ones aren’t tasked with making funeral arrangements after you die. No one wants to have to plan final services for a loved one, especially while they are dealing with the grief of their passing. You can spare your family this scenario by preplanning.

What follows is a look at how preplanning allows you to take charge of how your final send-off unfolds.

Choose the Body Disposition You Want

It is true that some people are not that particular about whether they’re buried or cremated. Perhaps you’re one of those people. But if you actually have a preference and want to make sure that you get the body disposition you want and the precise final services package you want, then it’s best to preplan. You can make an appointment to speak with a funeral director who will help you to arrange exactly what you want. You’ll even have the option to prepay.

Select the Service Provider You Want

Do you have a funeral home that you want to have handle your final services? If you’ve previously planned final services for a loved one and appreciated the help you received, you might prefer having a specific funeral home and funeral director handle your own cremation or funeral. Your best bet, if you have a preferred service provider, is to preplan while you’re still able to.

funeral home in Royal Oak, MIMake Special Requests

Do you want your loved ones to hold a special memorial service or celebration of life service in your honor after you pass away? You can make note of such requests at the time you preplan. If you intend to be cremated, you might want them to scatter your ashes somewhere with sentimental significance to you and your family. If you’d like to be buried, you might want your family to get certain types of flowers to decorate the place where the funeral service will be held.

When you need to preplan final services, you need to find a reputable funeral home serving Royal Oak, MI families and individuals. Your best bet is to conduct some research so that you find the right death care services provider for your needs. When you do find the right funeral home, you can count on the funeral director and the rest of the staff at the company to do everything in their power to help you. Whether you want to arrange a funeral or a cremation, they will let you know what final services packages are available. They will also work with you to personalize things if you want to tweak things.

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