Most Common Cremation Services Questions that People Ask

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cremation services in Berkley, MI

A lot of families in Berkley, MI plan cremation services for loved ones who have died. And many of these families tend to have a lot of questions to ask about this particular body disposition method. The reality is that while cremations are becoming more and more common, people still have a lot of questions that they need answers to. And a funeral home is the perfect place to go for those answers because the funeral director knows the ins and outs about cremations. What follows is a look at some of the questions that get asked the most.

Why Do People Choose Cremations Over Funerals?

There are many reasons for this. Some people choose cremations because they are more cost-effective than funerals. Another reason is the flexibility. For instance, you can have a formal service before or after the cremation if you wish, and you can do lots of different things with the ashes. Some people like to scatter the ashes after a cremation or to create memorial jewelry.

How Long Does Cremation Take?

A rough estimate is that the cremation process can take between two to four hours. There are several things to consider when trying to come up with an accurate time frame. You have to factor into equation things like the weight of the deceased, the casket material, the temperature inside the cremation chamber, and other things.

Can I be Cremated if I’m a Christian?

The answer is, most likely, yes because most denominations approve of both funerals and cremations. The Roman Catholic Church used to be against cremations, but it now accepts the body disposition. It should be noted, however, that it insists that certain protocols be adhered to when Catholics choose cremation as a body disposition. Other faiths like Hinduism accept cremations but not funerals – making it the only mainstream religion taking that stance. And while Buddhism doesn’t have an official preference, most Buddhists do tend to get cremated.

How Many Bodies Can be Created at a Time?

Funeral homes cremate only one body at a time. In fact, cremation chambers can really only accommodate a single body.

How Do Funeral Homes Keep Track of the Bodies They Tend to?

Funeral homes have special protocols and processes in place to identify bodies from beginning to end. So you won’t have to worry about the possibility of getting the ashes of someone other than your deceased loved one.

cremation services in Berkley, MI

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