Helpful Tips to Find the Right Cemetery for Your Loved One

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Burial is a common choice, whether the individual is choosing funeral or cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI. Picking a cemetery that fits the family’s needs is essential, and with some additional research, it can be easier to choose. Understanding how to select the right location is easier with the helpful tips listed in this article. 

What is Your Budget 

Your budget will be the most significant factor in determining what location will work for your situation. Each site will have individual prices and terms that need to be followed, so you must ask the cemetery about what costs and options they have. 

Keep in mind there will also be other costs, including: 

  • The plot, niche, or mausoleum prices 
  • The burial process includes the interment fees 
  • Maintenance fees associated with the grounds 

Consider the Location 

The next question is, where does the individual want to be buried? If they had a specific cemetery picked out, that could be an ideal situation. If this is not the case, consider how much time you or your loved ones will be visiting the spot. Having a cemetery that is easy to get to and access for those who have never been there is another consideration. 

Are There Any Rules? 

Cemeteries are no different than standard parks and are governed by state laws. Most will not allow the ashes to be scattered, and the remains will need to be placed in a columbarium. Some of the most common rules include: 

  • Opening and closing hours 
  • Keeping pets on leashes or no pets at all 
  • Not disturbing the gravesites 
  • Being mindful of guests on the premises and being respectful of other visitors 
  • Speed limits to adhere to if it is a drive-through location 

There may also be regulations about what decorations can be placed on the headstone, so check with the providers for their specific rules. 

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Cemetery Types 

There are up to 17 specific options, but here are the four main options: 

  • Religious 

Religious cemeteries are typically a non-profit that is owned by a religious organization. This could be ideal if your loved one had specific traditions that need to be upheld around their belief system. 

  • Military 

The government runs veteran or national cemeteries specifically for veterans and their families. 

  • Municipal or District 

These cemeteries are non-profit and owned by the county or the city. 

  • Public  

This is the most common option and is either corporately or independently owned. 

When You Need the Highest-Quality Services, Our Team is Here to Support You  

Picking the right location to lay the individual to rest is easier with these helpful tips, and it can be beneficial to reach out to local companies if you have any additional questions. And if you’re looking for professional funeral or cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI, we are here to answer any questions that you may have. We have been providing exceptional services since 1906, so contact us today if you need to schedule an appointment.