Funerals Have a Rich and Interesting History, so Here are Some Unique Facts About Them

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Planning a service with one of the funeral homes in Sterling Heights, MI, can be a simple process as long as the company offers can offer supportive guidance. There are some interesting historical facts about modern funeral services and practices that can help shed some light on the unique qualities of these events, and we have them listed here for you.

The Word Funeral Dates Back to the 1300s

The word funeral wasn’t first used or published until 1386. It was completed by a man named Geoffrey Chaucer, who included it in one of his written works to describe what happened after a specific character had passed away. After that point, the word started being used more frequently and became a common description of the process.

Grave Markers Were Introduced by the Romans

There is reason to believe that grave markers and headstones were more commonly first used in the new Stone Age between 3000-6000 years ago. In most cases the markers would have been a megalithic monument to mark an entire burial chamber rather than an individual grave.

Some Cultures Believe Loud Funerals are More Significant

It wasn’t uncommon for Romans to hold processions to honor the deceased. However, the wealthier an individual was, the louder and noisier the event was. This was to showcase the importance of the individual, and in some cases, they would hire professional mourners to ensure as many people attended the event as possible.

Wearing Black Started With the Romans

Wearing black is believed to have started in the Roman area. The individual suffering the loss would wear a dark toga after a loved one or family member passed away. Eventually, the Victorians adopted this and started utilizing black as the primary color to express mourning a loss.

Funerals Can Happen Almost Anywhere

Funerals can be in various venues and don’t have to be completed traditionally. Many people are choosing options that feel appropriate for their loved one’s memory, and they can include anything from public parks to a favorite vacation destination of the deceased.

At One Time, Many People Shared a Coffin

During the medieval era, it was common for churches to have community coffins. These could be leased or borrowed to help transport the deceased to the churchyard, and once they arrived at the gravesite, the body would be removed, and they were buried in a shroud.

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These are just a few interesting facts about funerals and how they contributed to and developed throughout history. Each experience will be different for the family members, and it is recommended to find ways to celebrate the loved one’s memory that feel authentic and honorable.

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