Funeral-related images from a trip to Italy

Posted on January 10, 2019 by under Cremation, Funerals
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Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors, hearseOur blog editor visited Italy recently and shared these photos with us. The hearse is a Mercedes Benz and, while we admire its style, we’re going to stick with our American-made Cadillacs!

She also visited an Etruscan museum with extensive funerary artifacts, like this crematory urn. Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors, cremation, EtruscanThese were elaborately decorated, with an often-lifelike portrait of the person. All the images are reclining, as at a banquet, leaning on the left elbow. You may recall from high school history classes that the Romans dined lying down. Scholars believe that was inspired by Etruscan practices.  Scholars say the images on the urns show the person banqueting in the afterlife.

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