Do You Know How to Find the Right Cremation Urn?

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When you’re ready to plan a cremation service in Berkley, MI, one of the things you’ll need to do is choose a cremation urn. You don’t technically need an urn since funeral homes can get you a cardboard receptacle to place the cremated remains into. That said, most families prefer to buy some type of urn for the ashes of their loved ones. But how do you know which urn is the right one? You can be sure that there are lots of urns that will do. Even so, it’s also possible to get the wrong type of urn. Here’s a look at some things to consider when buying an urn.


You’ll want to consider your budget for a cremation urn. Cremation urns are less expensive than caskets, but there are price points to keep in mind. You might want to take a look at a general price list so that you can see the prices for different urns. This will help you to set a realistic budget that you can work with when the time comes to look at the urns available.


It’s also important that you think of the purpose for the ashes. If you want to bury the urn, then you will want to consider whether you want a biodegradable urn or another type of urn. You can ask the funeral director for help in choosing an urn suitable for burial. If you want to scatter the ashes after a memorial service or a celebration of life service, you’ll want to consider getting a scattering urn. Such an urn will make it easier to scatter the ashes. If you want to keep the urn outside on your property, then you’ll want to choose the right urn for that purpose. A metal urn will be more suitable than a wood urn, for instance, if you want to keep it outdoors.


You can get urns made from all types of materials. You can get one made from wood, metal, ceramic, marble, glass, and other types of materials. When speaking with a funeral director, you can ask questions about the different material types. You might choose one based on what you think your deceased loved one would have wanted. You might instead choose one based on the amount you’re willing to pay for an urn.


You’ll get to decide what type of style you want. There are urns that are relatively simple while there are other urns that are quite stylish or that have a specific theme. You will normally find these types of urns to be at higher price points. But they can be a great way to honor your deceased loved one.

cremation service in Berkley, MI

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