Different Ways to Pay for Funeral or Cremation Services

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It’s no secret that laying a loved one to rest can be an expensive endeavor, and if the individual had no preplanning in place, this could get more complicated with how the services will be paid for. Whether it’s a funeral or cremation service in Berkley, MI, you want to make sure that you can fulfill your loved one’s last wishes and cover all the costs of the services at the same time. Having a plan in place can be highly beneficial, so here are some suggestions on paying for the services.


In a perfect scenario, the individual would have already had all of their wishes written down and scheduled with a funeral home or crematory. In addition to this, the services would have also been paid for in advance, whether through a prepaid contract or other means.

Life Insurance

Another option to pay for the services is through an insurance policy. In some cases, the companies may take a little longer to release the funds, but funeral companies can work with agencies that can offer a loan against the policies balance until the money is released.

Trust Funds

Trust funds can be another great option to help pay for the financing. They are generally named for individuals expressly and are set up by the deceased.


If the individual had a savings account and you or someone you know has access to it, this might be a viable solution to pay for the expenses.


In the scenario where the individual had no funding in place, and there are not enough funds available to pay for the services, one option is to utilize credit cards. You may also consider taking out a personal loan to cover the event’s costs, but we always recommend checking the interest rates to see whether credit cards or loans are a better long-term choice.

Outside Resources

There are a few different outside resources that can be utilized, and one of them is seeking assistance from local nonprofits such as churches or agencies. It can also be beneficial to start a crowdfunding page that allows outside individuals to help contribute to the services. In addition, specific organizations such as the Veterans Administration can offer a one-time payment if the individual meets the requirements for the service.

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Committing to the Care of Our Community

As you can see, there are multiple ways that an individual can pay for the services, and one suggests asking friends or family members if they have any funding to contribute to the event. You could also utilize people who have resources such as access to discounted flowers or food to help ease some of the extra costs.

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