Different Final Disposition Options for Cremated Remains

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Among the things you and your loved ones will have to think about as you prepare a cremation service in Sterling Heights, MI is exactly what you’ll do with the cremated remains. You’ll be glad to know that there are many different options you can select from. This will allow you to honor your dearly departed relative in a special way. And this will bless your entire family.



Many families opt to put the cremation urn containing a loved one’s ashes inside a columbarium. The urn is usually accompanied by a plaque that includes the name the deceased. If you want to place the urn in a location where family and friends could go to see it when they so choose, then a columbarium is a good idea. Since the urn won’t be buried underground, you won’t have any difficulty getting it in the event that you need to relocate. In other words, you can take the urn with you if you move far away rather than leave it behind.


Scatter Cremated Remains

Another popular final disposition option for cremated remains is scattering. Pick a spot packed with sentimental significance. Doing so will make the scattering all the more meaningful for you and yours. You can scatter on the ground, in the air, and on the water. It’ll be up to you and yours to determine what scattering method would make the most sense for your family. If you’re not sure what direction to take, ask the funeral director for some recommendations.


Urn Garden

An urn garden is a part of a cemetery reserved for burying urns or scattering ashes. While not all cemeteries have them, many of them do. It will be more economical to bury an urn in an urn garden than it would be to bury the urn in a burial plot. And your family will be able to visit the urn garden in the future if you simply want some quiet time to think about how much your deceased loved one still means to you.


Urn at Home

One of the more common options for many families is to take the urn home with them. You can honor your deceased loved one by displaying the urn with their cremated remains in your home. If you’d prefer to place it in an outdoor living space like on your back deck or in a flower garden, ensure you get an urn that will hold up to the elements.

cremation service in Sterling Heights, MI

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