Decorating the Headstone can Bring a Sense of Peace for Some, so Here are Popular Options to Use

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Losing a loved one can be a complicated experience, and once the services are completed at one of the funeral homes in Sterling Heights, MI, one way an individual might find comfort is by decorating the loved one’s headstone. This process has been going on since cemeteries first started being utilized, so we have gathered some popular decoration ideas that might feel appropriate.

Decoration Considerations

Decorations can offer comfort, but one thing to keep in mind before choosing any is to check with the cemetery before making any purchases. Some graveyards do not have any policies on leaving things at the headstone, but for others, they may only allow fresh flowers, so plan accordingly.

You also want to make sure that if you are leaving any decorations behind that, you are visiting the grave site regularly and keeping any items or objects in good condition.

Popular Decoration Ideas

The decorations you choose can be based on the loved one and their personality, so here are a few unique and popular options.


Flowers are the most common type of decoration that you will find in a cemetery setting, and in most cases, floral arrangements will be left at the base of the headstone. Some companies specialize in incorporating the vase into the grave marker, or if you’re looking for something more permanent, you might choose a cemetery saddle which is a floral arrangement that fixes to the top of the marker.

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Flags are commonly found in public areas, especially on holidays like Veterans or Memorial Day. If your loved one served in the military, you might consider placing a flag of the country they served in or where they came from. There are also other options a flag designs that can include an image of the individual and information like their date of passing and personal statements.


Another favorite type of decoration would be any form of art. There are personalized tributes that will have the individual’s photo along with a brief statement about who they were, and it comes in a solar option so it can light up the individual’s image in the darkness.

Evergreen Blankets

Evergreen blankets are another choice; it has become popular over the years, and they work well for colder climates because the branches can cover the dimensions of the grave and keep it free from snow. This decoration option can be specifically designed to fit the sizes of the plot, so make sure you have those measured appropriately before ordering.

Prompt and Honest Services

Decorating the headstone can be an integral part of the healing process for those who are going through the experience of grief, and if you are looking for support and planning the services, we are here to help you. We are one of the local and trusted funeral homes in Sterling Heights, MI, and offer exceptional services for all our clients, so contact us today for more information.