Cremation Jewelry Can be a Great Way to Celebrate a Loved One, so here are Popular Choices

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If you’re looking for a way to remember the individual, it’s going to be specific to what your needs are, and after the cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI, are completed, you might consider having a piece of jewelry created. This can be a way to truly honor the individual and their legacy, and it can also symbolize the love and connection you had together. There are multiple different kinds available on the market, but here are the most popular choices to help you decide.

Cremation Jewelry Explained

Mourning or memorial jewelry has been around for the last few centuries, and it was not uncommon to see someone wearing some form of token after they had experienced the loss of a loved one. The jewelry started with rings and eventually moved into the more familiar wearing black to signify the loss and bring awareness to it.

The jewelry is not limited to ashes alone. There are several different souvenirs that you can incorporate into whatever piece you decide to create; here are just a few suggestions.

  • Pieces of clothing
  • Dried flowers
  • Cremated remains
  • Photos
  • Hair
  • Baby teeth
  • Paper with their cologne or perfume

What you decide to hold and carry with you is up to you, so choose something that honors them and makes you feel connected when you’re making your decision about the type of jewelry you’re going to purchase. In many cases, it can bring a great sense of comfort for some, knowing the individual is with them and may foster a sense of peace after the loss.

What Options are There?

Necklaces: The most widely recognized type of mourning jewelry is a vial urn. This pendant is a miniature version of a traditional urn designed with a container attached to it that has an interior that can hold ashes or other mementos of the individual. It may be elaborate or have simple designs or words to help remind the individual of the loved one.

Bracelet: Cremation bracelets are another popular choice. These will be made of leather and have the ashes incorporated into them, or you can get them with a pendant containing a container to hold any mementos.

Rings: These rings will follow the tradition of a standard banded ring, but they will usually have a hollowed-out section to carry a minimal number of ashes or hair inside of them.cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

Keychains: Because not everyone wears jewelry, there are also key chains available, and these can be another great option because you can still carry the loved one with you wherever you go. The memorial keychain works the same as the other jewelry options where there will be a compartment to hold the remains, and they come in many different materials and designs.

From Our Family to Yours

Creating truly thoughtful cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI, takes experience and compassion to help highlight how much your loved one meant to you, and we are here to help. You want the highest quality company on the market to support you through the process so contact us today for an appointment.