Cremation Isn’t Just for People Who Want to Save Money

Posted on September 14, 2020 by under Cremation
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cremation services in Royal Oak, MI

Are you in the process of planning final services with a funeral home? Perhaps a loved one has recently passed away or maybe someone near and dear to you has but a short time to live. Whatever your reason for thinking about final services, you’ll want to consider funeral services and cremation services in Royal Oak, MI. Both types are honorable body dispositions, so it really comes down to which one you prefer. You might be surprised to learn that cremations are — in many regions — more common than funerals, and this trend is expected to continue.

One thing you might have heard at some point is that people choose cremation services solely to save money. It is true that cremations tend to be less expensive than funerals followed by casket burials, but there are many other reasons why cremations are increasingly becoming the body disposition of choice for many families and individuals. Read on to see some reasons why cremation services are such a common option for people who need to plan final services.

Simplifies Things

One reason some people plan cremations over casket burials is that they want something simple. Yes, you can plan a simple funeral service followed by earth burial. But cremation affords the opportunity to streamline things to the bare necessities, and some families appreciate this. So people who want to simplify things may, as a result, also save some money.

Loved Ones Far Away

cremation services in Royal Oak, MIAnother reason some families opt to plan cremations rather than funerals is based on logistics. If a loved one dies and family members who are located far away can’t make it because of logistical reasons – work or family commitments – a cremation might be preferable. The thing is that families who go with a cremation rather than a funeral can hold a memorial or a celebration of life service at a later date when the entire family can make it. A memorial or celebration of life is usually less expensive than a funeral. In fact, such options can be held in private homes, in a park, or somewhere else. So a memorial or celebration of life offers low-cost options.

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