Are You Planning a Final Service? Don’t Make These Errors!

Posted on July 5, 2021 by under Funeral Home
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funeral home in Sterling Heights, MI

Losing a loved one is never easy. If your loved one didn’t preplan their own body disposition, then you and your family will need to do the planning at a funeral home in Sterling Heights, MI. Your first order of business should be to find a reputable death care services provider to work with. The funeral director will work with you and yours to arrange the funeral or cremation.

But even if you get the best possible help, you’ll need to avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize the value of the final service. What follows is a look at mistakes to avoid.

Choosing the Wrong Funeral Home

If you choose the wrong funeral home, you’ll likely have a more difficult time than necessary arranging the final service. Make sure you ask around for recommendations before you choose one. It will also help if you check out online reviews and conduct some research. Finding a good funeral home will make the planning process a whole lot easier for you and your family.

Not Setting a Budget

Before you start the funeral service planning process, it will help if you determine a budget. This means discussing the matter with your loved ones to figure out how much you can all spend. You’ll also want to investigate to see if your deceased loved one had preplanned and prepaid or if they had set aside funds to be used to cover their body disposition. Also reach out to the funeral home you want to work with to get their general price list. This document will show you the final services packages they offer, the products and services they offer, and what they charge for their offerings. So the price list is essential if you want to budget effectively.

Not Asking Enough Questions

The funeral director will help you from beginning to end. But you’ll have a role to play as well. If you don’t ask questions when you don’t understand something, the funeral director won’t be able to help you as much as they want to. So ask for clarification if the funeral director says something that you don’t grasp. And don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations either.

Not Choosing the Right Final Services Package

You’ll also want to avoid the mistake of selecting the wrong final services package. Should you plan a cremation service or should you arrange a burial? What would the deceased have wanted? What can your family afford? This is why the price list is so important. You can comb over it to see all the options. Then you and your family will have to choose what you all want.

funeral home in Sterling Heights, MI

When you need the help of a Sterling Heights, MI funeral home that will help you honor your deceased family member with the right final service, we’re here to help. Whether you wish to arrange a cremation or a funeral, let us help you plan your family member’s final send-off. It will be our honor to help you in your time of need. For prompt and professional service, call us, stop by our office, or find us online at