Are Funeral Services Worth it?

Posted on July 19, 2021 by under Funeral Home
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Is a funeral service really worth it these days? Because cremation is so popular, some people wonder if funeral services at a funeral home in Royal Oak, MI are outdated or old fashioned.

Cremation is now the leading body disposition option, but there’s still room for funerals and burials. In fact, many families still prefer to have a ceremony in a church before the casket burial. So it would be shortsighted to write off funeral services as an antiquated relic of the past.

So if you’re thinking about possibly planning a funeral service, you should consider the benefits.

Pay Last Respects

One reason why many families still plan funeral services is that these ceremonies provide them with the opportunity to pay their last respects. Everyone deserves to be remembered when they’re gone. And funeral services, whether traditional or contemporary, give family, friends, and well-wishers the chance to pay their last respects. This is all the more important for people who may not have spoken to the deceased for a long period of time before their passing. They will enjoy the chance to say a final goodbye and to honor their memory.

Support Your Family

Your family will be mourning after the loss of one of their own. It will be difficult to pick up the pieces and to accept the new normal. But the funeral service will provide the chance for you and your loved ones to comfort one another at a difficult time for all of you. This will facilitate the mourning process and help you all to grieve in a healthy way.

Family Tradition

Another reason it makes sense to plan a funeral service after a family member passes away is that it can be a way to honor a long-held family tradition. Has your family normally held funeral services and burials over the centuries? Has this body disposition option served your family well? If so, you and yours may simply choose to continue with the family tradition. As long as your family is in favor of keeping this tradition, then it makes sense to do so.


Yet another reason you should hold a funeral service to honor a deceased loved one is to gain closure. Remember that people grieve in different ways. While some members of your family, me find it easy to gain closure, others may actually struggle. A funeral service, where loved ones gather to honor a deceased family member, will offer the opportunity to gain closure. So it makes sense to arrange a funeral service in a church, chapel, or elsewhere.

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