Appropriate Attire for Funeral or Cremation Services?

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Funerals and cremations have been around for thousands of years, and the required dress can vary depending on what the event entails. If you know someone who has recently had to schedule funeral services in Berkley, MI, you may have received an invitation and are trying to make sure that you are dressing appropriately for the event. Getting some extra knowledge can be highly beneficial, so you know that you are making the right choice for the services, so here is more information.

What is Normal?

Traditionally a funeral or cremation service will consist of attendees dressed in dark colors mourning the loss of the loved one. For most services, you’ll want to make sure that you choose clothing that is considered more conservative and straightforward.

Because the event will be based on the needs of the individual who passed away and their family, the attire can change depending on the situation. In one case, the event may have cultural or religious traditions that must be upheld with the clothing. There are some cases where the individual has opted to celebrate life instead of a traditional funeral. The celebration of life is more joyful and uplifting so that the clothing may be more casual. Or in some cases, there may be a theme and costumes, or specific colors could be requested to be worn.

In either case, it’s always good to check with the coordinator to understand the appropriate attire to decide what is suitable for the event.

Traditional Attire

The traditional clothing will generally be dark colors and a more conservative approach to avoid taking any attention off the event.

Men’s Clothing

Men have a couple of options available to them, be mindful always to pick clothing that is darker colored, and some choices are:

  • Suit and tie
  • Dress pants with a button-up shirt or sweater
  • Dress shoes (it is recommended to avoid sneakers, baseball hats, or blue jeans unless specified)

Women’s Clothing

Women can also pick from a few different choices that are more appropriate for a traditional style. Be aware that dark clothing still applies, and some options are:

  • Pantsuit with blouse
  • Long skirt with sweater or blouse
  • Flats or short pumps (avoid wearing anything overly revealing or open-toed shoes such as sandals)

Children’s Clothing

If you bring children to attend the funeral, the rules will still be the same for their clothing. Pick something that is color appropriate, and attire that would be worn to a professional or church function is the best option.cremation services in Sterling Heights, MI

Years of Committed Service

There is no doubt that it is essential to find clothing appropriate for the function you are attending. It’s also vital that you check with the coordinator to make sure that you are wearing items that will follow the event’s theme.

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