Wm. Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors, hearse

Funeral-related images from a trip to Italy

Posted on January 10th, 2019
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Our blog editor visited Italy recently and shared these photos with us. The hearse is a Mercedes Benz and, while we admire its style, we’re going to stick with our American-made Cadillacs! She also visited an Etruscan museum with extensive funerary artifacts, like this crematory urn. These were elaborately decorated, with an often-lifelike portrait of […]

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Mourning jewelry made from human hair.

Mourning jewelry, from the age of Victoria to today

Posted on June 5th, 2018
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When a loved one dies we want to keep their memory with us. Mourning jewelry, containing ashes from cremation, lets us keep them physically close. The cremains jewelry available through William Sullivan & Son Funeral Directors is a contemporary version of a centuries-old practice. People began incorporating clippings of their loved ones’ hair as early […]

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How to arrange burial at sea

Posted on March 23rd, 2018
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Perhaps you’re a sailor or you like to fish. Maybe you feel most at home watching waves lap on the shore. In any case, you definitely may have your ashes scattered over water — burial at sea– with certain limitations. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sets the terms for burial in the ocean. They say […]

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